1:1 Support at MOWLL

1:1 support at MOWLL is working with an individual to develop their confidence and skills to help them access activities around the community.

A person-centred Support Plan is developed with each individual to include a range of activities and outcomes designed to meet the individual’s personal wants and wishes.

Below are some of the activities that individuals have taken part in:


Travel training

Working with a support staff to break down the process of becoming comfortable on public transport.

Understanding which bus to take, how to pay, knowing when to get off the bus, what to do if something goes wrong. This is all in the aim of having that individual more independent


Working with that individual wants to volunteer and building up their skills. This could mean helping to put together a CV, assisting to make contact with potential volunteering opportunities

Exercise, sport and leisure (for positive health and well-being)

Accessing local facilities to engage with exercise, local sport teams and other leisure activities.  

English and Maths assistance

 Whilst we are not teachers, we can assist individuals to become more confident in their English and Maths skills on a practical level. For example, becoming more capable of understanding and using their own finances.


criteria for eligibility for 1:1 support


Have a designated Social Worker ✔

Have a care package ✔

Receive benefits that could be used towards direct payments ✔

Person Centered Plan ✔

Care Plan ✔

Essential Lifestyle Plan ✔


If you can answer ‘yes’ to some or all of these requirements then please contact us to arrange a home visit.