Our Mission

Moving On with Life & Learning (MOWLL) is a charity dedicated to providing adults with learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries and mental health concerns, the confidence to live in, enjoy and contribute to their local communities. 


Seek Your Dreams

Invest In Each Other

Achieve Personal Goals

Celebrate Success

The Journey

We want to support those towards independence. 

Projects ➙ Person Centered ➙ Community

We introduce self advocates to our projects to build confidence and skills

After about 3-6 months we develop with the self advocate a person-centred plan to support them to achieve their goals.

Depending on those goals, we seek opportunities such as volunteering, further education or employment

It is so lovely to see the self-advocates becoming independent and putting themselves out of their comfort zone to partake in the different activities. Even after two weeks, I have seen the self-advocates and their confidence develop within MOWLL. Everyone acts as one big family and the support provided for everyone within MOWLL is inspiring.
— Chloe - Edge Hill University Nursing Programme student