Soul Fillers

Soulfillers is an exciting new catering company that creates some of the most inventive scran you could ever imagine! 

Filing the souls of the people with fun and food! 

Available for all events including weddings, conferences, corporate and social events. 

Our launch event can be found here


As part of our advocacy role and to fund our charitable activities MOWLL offers in-house training to other organisations on a commercial basis.

Disability Equality

Disability Hate Crime Awareness

Face Facts Resource Pack


Dramatherapy is a psychological therapy/psychotherapy that uses performance arts and other ways to help you express how you are feeling and to explore issues and concerns.

Dramatherapy uses:  Storytelling, roleplay, improvisation, movement, drama,  games, play,  music, verbal and non-verbal communication to support an individual and/or group to resolve or promote health and wellbeing. 

You do not need previous experience in Drama.  The Dramatherapist is trained to guide and support you in effecting psychological, emotional and social changes.  The sessions are client led and individual to you or the group.

If you would like to know more or referred to Dramatherapy contact Sesmin Ewing

(Dramatherapist hcpc 14033)