The fifth week of the Computer Works course

This week’s lesson was about the hard disk drive of a computer.  Members learnt the basics of how hard disk drives work, how to attach a hard disk drive to a motherboard.  The members also watched two videos, one on how hard disk drives are made, and one on how data is saved to a hard disk drive.


Stuart taking a hard disk drive apart


Lee taking a hard disk drive apart


Mathew taking a hard disk drive apart

The third week of the Computer Works course

This week’s lesson was about the connections of a computer.  Members learnt the basics of how connections work, how to attach connectors to a motherboard, and watched videos on how to make some of the connectors.


Here, Lee, Mathew, and Stuart successfully attach connectors to parts of the motherboard.

The second week of the Computer Works course

This week’s lesson was about the motherboard where members learnt the basics of how motherboards work, how to install a motherboard, and watched a short video on how a factory builds a motherboard.


Here, Lee and Stuart successfully remove the motherboard to investigate its components before placing it back in the computer.

The first week of the Computer Works course

The Computer Works course involves building a computer, which gives members of MOWLL the ability to go beyond their normal IT skills.  This ten-week course involves understanding how computers work, how each component of a computer works, and how to build a computer. 


Each weekly lesson the members get to watch a short video to understand what is involved in the making of each component, followed by a search of the internet to answer some questions, before installing the component.   At the end of the course, each member will have the skills and knowledge to build a computer.


Course details:

Tuesdays 11am - 1pm

Thursdays 11am - 11pm

Room G20, Eleanor Rathbone Building, University of Liverpool, Bedford Street South, L69 7ZA


This is Stuart studying the inside of a computer, and preparing to remove components while another member, Lee watches.


The lesson went well.  Both Lee and Stuart look forward to next weeks lesson.

The ninth week of #GrowingToxteth

We had a fantastic week for #GrowingToxteth! Lots of our regular volunteers and with lots growing to be planted next week! We need your support to carry on this project so please click on the link below to pledge your support to keep Growing Toxteth!


We have lemon balm, basil and cherry tomatoes growing ready for our community day!


Our beneficiaries working alongside volunteers in the community to make this community garden a reality! 


We also want to give a big thank you for a one of our self advocates parents donating plants and pots to the project! Tomatoes and cucumbers plants for the community garden! Thank you! 

The eighth week of #GrowingToxteth

We had the biggest turnout so far for #GrowingToxteth with over 15 volunteers getting involved! With all that people power we were able to get lots done! We built frames for runner beans, planted broad beans, planted jack-o-lanterns, seeded more tomatoes and rhubarb and lots more!


We particulary love our new runner bean beds with frames to guide them on their way!


A fantastic set of pictures with everyone getting involved! People from all backgrounds and professions getting involved in making this community garden a reality!


Here we have some potted out cherry tomatoes and planted broad beans!


As always we want to thank everyone for getting involved! We need your help in continuing this project! We are currently crowdfunding to build upon the success so far! Please donate and share!


The seventh week of #GrowingToxteth

We had a busy week this week! DIY, urban foraging, seeding, potting and all sorts!


We had a team of volunteers go to the anglican cathedal for some urban foraging! They picked some wild garlic and bags and bags of nettles to be used for the cooking groups this week!


We also up-cycling wood into sign posts which will be beautifully decorated by one of the art groups! These will help us identify what we've planted and also make the space a bit more colourful!


We also had our trusty volunteers planting some Jack-O-Lanterns into the beds!


We also had the best feedback so far!


We only have 31 days left of our crowdfunding pledge to reach our target! As you might already know, we are raising funds to continue Growing Toxteth and we need your help! We are trying to raise £560 to continue the project until the 11th September. Without your support the gardening sessions will end on the 19th June. 

Please share and donate what you can!

The sixth week of #GrowingToxteth

Everything's growing! We had a week of more weeding, replanting plants into larger containers and potting out into the beds!


We also found some potatoes and picked spearmint and peppermint to make some fresh mint tea back at the Include Me Cafe in Toxteth TV


We are on day five of our crowdfunding pledge and so far we have raised £30 towards our £540 target! We need your donations and support to keep growing and build upon the work we have done so far!

The fifth week of #GrowingToxteth

We cracked on despite the bad weather seeding more plants!


Due to the great weather from last week, many of our plants have begun to grow!


If you interested in joining the #GrowingToxteth team then just come down on a Tuesday Morning 10 am - 12 pm at John Archer Hall, Toxteth.

Lifeskill Cooking Sessions

Every week our self-advocates cook amazing food for the whole group to enjoy. This week it was American style beef burgers and a tasty salad!