Third Creative Writing Session

With it being Mental Health Week, we decided to focus on the theme of learning disability and mental health.  

The Treadmill


Like a hamster in a wheel

or a robot made of steel,

sometimes how I feel

is somehow quite unreal.


The things that I want may seem simple to you,

but my mind is like a treadmill, never ceasing, it continues.

When I get off, we will share the same view.

With a life and a family, I’ll find my way through.


I’ll come out of the other side, one day I’ll be stronger.

Just give me some time, it might take me a little longer.


With your respect, support and love,

I’ll learn to fly; to soar like a dove!

I’ve seen the lowest of the lows, but with a bit of a shove,

I’m learning to climb, climb up above;


Above the emptiness,

above the fear,

above the struggle,


I’ve made it. I’m here!


Here with the light,

here with the hope,

here with the ambition,

that things have changed, with life I can cope!