What History Means to me

As  part  of  the history group today we decided to find out more about members of the group.  we asked  everyone  the same three questions: 



what does history mean to you?


James 'Jimmy'

Age: 76

Jimmy as been with MOWLL for many years. Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable when it comes both the wars and about liverpool. He has lived here all of his life and has become an embassador to the group.

‘I love learning about both world wars and local history. I often give little lectures about history when in Wetherspoons...everyone is always surprised about how much I know. I’ve lived in Liverpool all my life and like knowing more about local history wherever I can’


Age: 60

Terry has been attending Mowll for a number of years now and has become a Peer Mentor. When  asked about  history, terry talked passionately  about Liverpool and its culture. 

jimmy has taught me a lot about the war and about Liverpool. Hes fantastic to listen too and I’ve learnt a lot from him

Terry also explained how in school he was often left out in lessons and put to the back of the classroom with only a colouring book to occupy him. He spoke a lot about Liverpool and its history and was very proud of the city that he grew up in. 



Age: 67

George has been attending many projects at MOWLL for a number of years. george spoke a lot of Liverpool when asked about what he thought of history. For him, history has to do with a lot with the buildings of Liverpool and his family. 

My favourite church is the church of England by down the docks....It gives me time to think about my family who aren’t here anymore



Age: 47

Paul has been attending MOWLL for just over a year now with him REGULARLY joining the History and Photography group. Paul often suggests places around Merseyside of important historical sites. As paul states:

My carer encouraged me to start learning again and reading up about local history. My interest increased when seeing the amount of films being made in Liverpool especially Peeky Blinders. I feel proud of myself when I discover and love finding out myself.

Hopefully this shows that it is never too late to start learning whether through self research and discovery and often what we need is just the confidence and the space to learn.