First Creative Writing Session

Today was the first creative writing session led by Elliot Ramsey who is an MA student in contemporary literature, and one of our support staff. Elliot talks us through the first week in his own words:

It was an introductory session in which I wanted to show self advocates a breadth of poetic styles. We looked at a range of contemporary poems, some of which dealt with learning disability as a theme, in order to encourage self-advocates to channel their personal experiences into writing. The session ultimately showed the group that there is no such thing as good or bad writing, and that creative writing has an immense therapeutic value.
— Elliot Ramsey

One of the tasks from today's session was to collectively write a poem



Open my eyes and what do I see?

do I recognise this person, is that me?

So many images come to mind,

who is the person I’m hoping to find?


As I stand and stare, I hope not to bear

a sense of danger, or the sight of a stranger.

Looking backwards into my history,

I still feel that my reflection is a mystery.


I’m caught in a daydream,

then I come back to me,

the most wonderful person I could hope to be.

Then, back to reality, I scream, “it’s me!”