The Eight Week of The Computer Works Course

This week’s lesson was about the DVD drive of a computer, in which members learnt the basics of how DVD drives work.  The lesson also involved watching a video on how DVD drives and disks are made.

Here are some photographs of the members, examining and taking apart a DVD drive.

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The first week of the Computer Works course

The Computer Works course involves building a computer, which gives members of MOWLL the ability to go beyond their normal IT skills.  This ten-week course involves understanding how computers work, how each component of a computer works, and how to build a computer. 


Each weekly lesson the members get to watch a short video to understand what is involved in the making of each component, followed by a search of the internet to answer some questions, before installing the component.   At the end of the course, each member will have the skills and knowledge to build a computer.


Course details:

Tuesdays 11am - 1pm

Thursdays 11am - 11pm

Room G20, Eleanor Rathbone Building, University of Liverpool, Bedford Street South, L69 7ZA


This is Stuart studying the inside of a computer, and preparing to remove components while another member, Lee watches.


The lesson went well.  Both Lee and Stuart look forward to next weeks lesson.